How do I configure my email?

General email settings (updated 11-July-2024)

Mail settings pages vary between devices and applications, but here are the basic settings that should help you get set up if you're familiar with your mail application.

Mailbox type: Use IMAP rather than POP

Incoming Server:
Incoming Port: 143
Incoming security type: SSL/TLS
Requires Authentication: Yes

Outgoing Server:
Outgoing Port: 587
Outgoing security type: STARTLS
Requires Authentication: Yes

Username: Your full email address eg.
Password: You can find the password for your mailbox in your eXtend control panel or ask the person that set the mailbox up for you.

Require login using secure password authentication (IPA)? No.

These new (July 2024) settings may help with problems eaching some gmail accounts.


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