How to backup your emails (OUTLOOK)

A good way to keep the storage in your mailbox under control is to make a backup or archive folder in your mail software. You can then periodically copy mail to that to keep it safe and off the server.


Here, we'll talk about how you can do that in Microsoft Outlook.


What you will be doing is creating a new outlook data folder to contain your emails in. You can then keep this file backed up separately.


Here's how to make a new outlook data fie (.pst)

  1. Click on FILE
  2. Click on Account Settings, then Account settings in the drop-down
  3. Click on the DATA FILES tab in the box which pops up.
  4. Click ADD...
  5. A file browser will pop up with the location of your other outlook data files. Now choose a name for your new data file.
  6. Click OK and you'll see your new folder appear in outlook.
  7. Right click to create sub-folders to back up into such as INBOX and SENT ITEMS


How to back up

Every so often, say six months highlight the oldest emails in your inbox and send items (or other folders if you like) and DRAG THEM into your corresponding backup folders (be sure to move them to the CORRECT SUB-FOLDER).

It's a good idea to expand your backup folder so that you can SEE the folder you want to drop into.

When you DRAG, the emails will be REMOVED from the server onto your local data file. It may take a few momwnts for outlook to synchronise with the server.


It's now important to make sure that this new file is backed up using an external drive, cloud folder etc on a REGULAR basis

If you want to check the location of your outlook files, then right-click on the folder in out look and select OPEN FILE LOCATION


Accessing the emails.

Because your backed up emails are open in an outlook folder, they can be searched and read as normal.

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