Error accessing email - especially Apple Devices

If you're getting an error on your Apple Device when trying to access email, this may be of some help.


Email software will check the security of the connection by looking at the security certificate (SSL) of the mail server you are connecting to.

Even if your web domain has an SSL, your mail software will see the MAIL connection as being different to the WEB connection and raise an alert.


Most email software will allow you to ignore this and carry on, but Apple devices are a little different and sometimes won't let you ignore the SSL warning.


If you're not able to dismiss the warning, you can connect directly to the mail server and bypass the problem.


Here's how:


Go to the settings for your email account on your device. You'll see two places where it asks you for the mail server; INCOMING (POP / IMAP), and OUTGOING (SMTP).

These need to be the same and will usually look like:


We need to change this to something like:


Where XXX is the server number that you have been allocated.

If you don't already know this, then contact our technical support, letting us know your domain name (eg: that you are accessing email from. If you have an alternate email we can contact you on then that will be useful.


In the meantime, if you can't access your email and need it urgently, open a web browser and use our WEBMAIL any emails you send or read from there will synchronise to your other devices.

Please note that you won't lose any emails if you can't connect to the email server.



See other email-related help files at: if you need more help with your mail setup.


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