March 2016 UK Domain price changes

In November 2015, Nominet, the company that is responsible for all UK domains announced that they will be increasing wholesale domain charges. This will happen on 1-March 2016.
The increase in charges is due to increasing costs, but Nominet are committed to keeping UK domains safe. There have been no price increases in UK domain fees since 1999 and Nominet will now review their prices annually.

As we offer our domains at the lowest price we can afford to sell to you, we need to make a small increase of just one pound to our annual domain prices to keep in step with this.
As a result, any new UK domains registered on or after TUESDAY 1 MARCH 2016 will now cost £7.99+vat. The same applies to UK domains that are RENEWED on or after that date.
All your existing domains are set to automatically renew and there's nothing that you need to do.

This only applies to domains ending with,, Any .com, .org, .net etc domains are unaffected.

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