Our server centre has just completed a major overhaul which helps to futureproof the reliability of the hosting you rely on for your website. What's more, the loading times for your web page have been improved with some amazing new hardware. They're boasting that page loads on a typical WordPress site have gone from 3 seconds to under half a second. You should also now be enjoying the new, larger mailbox capacity that I mentioned recently.

They've also made a small increase to the trade price for domains. As we only make a tiny profit on domain reselling, we need up nudge our annual price for domains by 50p. This applies to renewals as well as any new domains that you purchase from us.

The change will come into effect a month from now on 15-July.

Any automatic renawals that happen before that will be at the current price.

Thanks as always for being a great customer,


Thursday, June 15, 2017

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