Mar 21st Email access problems (esp Apple devices)

Some of our web hosting users have experienced problems accessing their email from Apple Devices (iPhone, Mac etc).   There is a simple fix for this, which is explained in one of our Knowledgebase articles:   Of course, if you aren't able to access your email ... Read More »

Jun 15th Small increase in Doman charges.

Hello,Our server centre has just completed a major overhaul which helps to futureproof the reliability of the hosting you rely on for your website. What's more, the loading times for your web page have been improved with some amazing new hardware. They're boasting that page loads on a typical WordPress site have gone from 3 seconds to under half a ... Read More »

Oct 14th Faster Hosting, bigger mailboxes!

Some great news from our data centre. Our web servers are all being upgraded - that means that we can continue to provide fast, efficient delivery of your web site to your visitors and customers. There's no extra fees to pay, and we're still keeping our hosting prices at their original, low price.

Feb 17th Update on server outage 10-Feb

Happily, the server outage on Friday 10-Feb has all been resolved. This was caused by a very unusual failure of a key piece of power management hardware in our Leeds server centre. Normally, the data centre is powered by two independent national grid feeds backed up by a battery system and a diesel generator but in one of those million-to-one ... Read More »

Feb 11th Server issues - eXtend access via user account

There appear to be some temporary server issues affecting the ability to connect to eXtend control panels via your account pages.
Please try this direct URL instead until the issue is resolved:

Thank you.

Feb 3rd Microsoft scammers - beware!

The "Microsoft Scam"It's an old trick but it's still fooling people. If you ever get a phone call reporting to be from 'Microsoft' (usually from India) about your computer just politely hang up.It's a scam and they're either after your credit card number or want to download a virus onto your computer to steal your personal data.Microsoft will ... Read More »

Nov 3rd Warning against phishing scam targeting domain owners

Please be aware that you might be targeted by malicious emails claiming to be from a domain registrar.These emails are part of a large scale 'phishing' scam that have been sent worldwide to the owners of web domains.Most recently, these emails have the subject:     Domain [some-domain] Suspension Notice.It might ask you to download an ... Read More »

Sep 23rd Did you get an ICANN VERIFICATION notice from us?

You did? Great! That was a genuine email, so it's safe to click on the link to verify your email address for your domain. The email will likely come from, but it'll have our Oxford WebHosting signature at the bottom. Some email software might break the long web link into two as it crosses a line; if your link doesn't work, then ... Read More »

Sep 1st Bringing our new website online...

We're in the process of bringing our new website online, so the customer login is only availible to a handful of beta-test customers.
If you want to order hosting or you'd like us to develop a website then please email and we'll sort everything out for you.